• April 2022 : CMPI launch it's own brand " Ambrosini Coffee " 
  • February 2022 : CMPI own cheese brand " Ambrosini "got certified by the HMC 
  • June 2021 : CMPI have agreed a global contract to supply the Oxford Astra Zeneca Covid 19 Vaccine.
  • March 2021 :  CMPI has procured a project working with a well-known scientist and inventor who has designed an e-bike  and and are in talks on another project working with major UK national fast food outlets.
  • February 2021 : CMPI  has entered into a project launching Halal cured meat and cheese and has world wide distribution supplying some of the world best known blue chip companies 
  • January 2021 CMPI has launched own brand " Ambrosini " halal cheese from Europe and has sole distribution in the UK market
  • October 2020 : CMPI has launched its own apparel selection collaborating with top brands across the UK and EU countries .